If there is one thing you want outshining you at your own event, it’s your food! Our grazing platters are a perfect way to make a lasting impression on your guests. Our tables are fully stocked and dressed and complimented with stunning foliage, providing a beautiful opportunity for guests to interact over delicious shared food.

All prices include: the loan of props/boards/knives etc., foliage, styling, cocktail napkins and delivery within the Geelong area. We will arrive 1.5 hours prior to the event to set up for you, so everything is perfect when your guests arrive.

We will need a table in a cool place. Trestle tables with cloths are available for hire if you don’t have a suitable space.

After the event, all loan items need to be returned to the cafe, cleaned, within two days. We do provide a pack-down service so you have no hassle of clean up after your day. Please let us know if you would like more details. Replacement fee required for any missing or broken items.


Grazing tables vary in produce depending on the size of your table ie. the larger the table, the bigger the selection.

All guests can ensure that their selection will be beautiful and jam-packed with a selection of the following: High quality local cheeses usually consisting of cheddar and brie, cured meats, house-made dips, fresh seasonal and dried fruits, antipasto, olive sourdough and other bread selections, crackers nuts and more.

1 metre

  • For up to 30 guests

2 metre

  • For up to 50 guests

3 metre

  • For up to 70 guests

4 metre

  • For up to 100 guests

5 metre

  • For up to 150 guests


Personalised sugar cookies also available to add a unique touch to your event or as a gift for your guests. $3 each

Vegan Section

  • 0.5m – 1m section to please your vegan guests, including: house-made vegan cheeses, fruit and vegetables, sauerkraut, kimchi, crackers, nuts, house-made vegan dips, and quince and vegan truffles.

Gluten-Free Section

  • 0.5m – 1m section so that your coeliac guests can also enjoy your grazing table. Slightly separate to other items that contain gluten, it contains gluten-free grazing options similar to the larger table.

Dessert Section

  • Scattered throughout your grazing table masterpiece will be sweet treats that pair perfectly with cheese. This could include: petit fours, truffles, fudge brownie, mini cupcakes and more.