Does this website collect any information about me?

In a nutshell, yes. But it’s nothing to be worried about. Like the vast majority of websites on the internet this website uses Google Analytics, which is a service that sends generic website traffic data to Google’s servers for our analysis and reporting. This data is collected through a small industry-standard text file called a ‘cookie’, which is downloaded to your computer when you visit the website. The information gathered using this cookie and Google Analytics helps us to learn more about our visitors so we can gauge our effectiveness and continually improve our service and offerings.

Absolutely no personally-identifiable information or private data is accessible, collected or stored by Soft Cafe Group or Google.

Soft Cafe Group uses Google Analytics in accordance with the Terms of Service, and you can view Google’s privacy policy here.

What kind of information is collected?

Google Analytics can’t tell us your name, your address or what colour jumper you’re wearing, but it can tell us things like:

  • From which country or city you visited the website, and when
  • How long you stayed on the website and which pages you viewed
  • What device and web browser you used to view the website
  • If you came to us via a link on another website, which website that was
  • If you found us through a search engine, which search engine was used and the search term you entered
  • Much more generic information


What do you do with this information?

We care about privacy as much as you do. Soft Cafe Group only collects non-identifiable generic visitor data through Google Analytics, as per above, for internal review by management to assist with marketing strategies and business planning, and for relevant website content updates. No information is viewed by or shared with any external party except our web developer.

By using this website you consent to the collection, transmission and analysis of data by Soft Cafe Group and Google for the purposes stated above.


Can I opt out of information being collected?

While no personally-identifiable information is collected or stored, it is understandable that many people are very concerned about privacy these days and wish to take further action to prevent collection of any information (generic or otherwise).

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by disabling Javascript in your browser, disabling or refusing the cookie, or by using Google’s opt-out browser add-on which can be found here.


I have a question!

And we’d be happy to answer. If you have any questions or concerns regarding usage of this website or the collection of information, please contact Soft Cafe Group, or our web developer Future Boy.

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